D5.1 Report on website and project branding materials now accessible on our website

31 May 2023

CO-OP4CBD has now made D5.1 Report on website and project branding materials available on the project website's Library section. 

The deliverable describes the reasoning and establishment of CO-OP4CBD's visual identity, project website, and social media profiles. CO-OP4CBD's branding materials and promotional resources are critical to its future communication and dissemination, while the project website is a fundamental tool for the promotion of the project’s outputs.

The project's logo not only serves as an identifier for CO-OP4CBD but also reflects its goals and objectives. The branded social media profiles are employed to inform stakeholders about CO-OP4CBD's goals and operations in a visually appealing and easily understandable manner. The project website is the primary platform for communication and dissemination, providing information on the project, the latest news, and available outputs. 

All of these channels will be regularly updated with relevant information.