CO-OP4CBD starts news social media campaign focused on the people behind the project

26 Jun 2023

CO-OP4CBD's consortium consists of a diverse group of accomplished individuals from both academic and non-academic domains across Europe. These professionals, hailing from various backgrounds, have joined forces to collectively accomplish the project's objectives to strengthen the role of the EU in the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) and related international agreements and to enhance coordination within the EU to advance the implementation of the CBD by harnessing the expertise from EU funded projects and initiatives more effectively.

To highlight the invaluable contributions made by the consortium members, we are excited to introduce a new social media initiative known as CO-OP4CBD Faces of the project. Through this campaign, we will feature different project partners, giving them the floor to present their different narratives and roles within the project. 

Join us each week to hear stories of those involved in the CO-OP4CBD initiative. Stay tuned and get to know our project partners by following our social media accounts:

Twitter: @COOP4CBD

LinkedIn: CO-OP4CBD