CO-OP4CBD Hosts Workshop at 7th European Congress on Conservation Biology

27 Jun 2024

On 18 June, the CO-OP4CBD project partners hosted an workshop titled "Promoting CBD Activities in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges and the Way Forward" at the 7th European Congress on Conservation Biology (ECCB) in Bologna, Italy, which took place from 17 to 21 June.

Chaired by András Báldi and Kinga Öllerer from HUN-REN CER, the workshop featured a panel of distinguished speakers who brought their extensive expertise to the discussion:

  • Sebastian Dunnett (UNEP-WCMC): Engaging in the Processes Under the CBD: The Role of Technical and Scientific Cooperation
  • Grégoire Dubois (JRC): Leveraging Regional and Subregional Cooperation to Enhance CBD Implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Kinga Öllerer (HUN-REN CER): Why Are There So Few CEE Researchers Involved in the CBD and How This Could Change

This workshop addressed critical challenges and opportunities for promoting the CBD processes in Central and Eastern Europe. The session fostered discussions on enhancing regional cooperation and increasing the involvement of CEE researchers in CBD processes.

Photo: Grégoire Dubois (JRC) provided an insightful presentation on regional cooperation on CBD implementation.

Key topics included the role of researchers in the CBD process, leveraging regional cooperation to enhance the implementation of the CBD, and strategies to increase the participation of CEE researchers in international biodiversity initiatives. The presentations and discussions highlighted the unique challenges faced by the CEE region, such as habitat loss, invasive species, and funding shortages, while also emphasizing the importance of tailored approaches and international collaboration to address these issues effectively.

The workshop is part of the broader efforts by the CO-OP4CBD project to promote the effective implementation of the CBD, particularly in regions with less activity and capacity. By engaging local researchers and fostering cross-border cooperation, the project aims to support the long-term success of biodiversity conservation efforts in Central and Eastern Europe.

For more information about the ECCB, please visit the ECCB's official website. Detailed abstracts for the CO-OP4CBD workshop are available on the official conference page and here.

Stay tuned for further updates and outcomes from CO-OP4CBD initiatives aimed at enhancing biodiversity conservation across Central and Eastern Europe.