CO-OP4CBD holds second consortium meeting

17 Jan 2024

On 10-11 January 2024, CO-OP4CBD held its second in-person consortium meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The event was attended by more than 20 project partners and representatives from the European Commission.

The two-day event focused on the progress and achievements in the first year of the project as well as planning the work to be done in the upcoming year. Work package leaders from the Finnish Environment Institute, the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity, the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre, the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, and Pensoft Publishers, as well as the National Museum of Natural History, presented the completed tasks by their work packages as well as their planning of upcoming tasks for 2024. The sessions provided a great platform for discussing the achievements in the past year and what can be improved moving forward.

Furthermore, the event was a great opportunity for project partners to receive valuable feedback from the European Commission, which was taken into account by all consortium members.

Overall, the meeting was very successful in providing an opportunity for brainstorming and discussions on our work together in the coming years.