CO-OP4CBD held a workshop for national experts on SBSTTA topics

25 Sep 2023

On 18-19 September 2023, CO-OP4CBD’s partner French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB) organised a workshop on SBSTTA topics that took place in Paris, France. The event was attended by 30 experts from 14 different countries.

The participants worked in five thematic groups focusing on topics of the upcoming SBSTTA 25 agenda:

  • The Monitoring Framework of the Global Biodiversity Framework

  • Plant Conservation

  • Invasive Alien Species

  • Wildlife Sustainable Management

  • Climate Change

Each group discussed and agreed on important messages and information to disseminate to European negotiators. The outputs of the group discussions are currently five technical briefs summarising the main conclusions and important take away messages for dissemination. The draft notes will be presented at an  Experts-Negotiators dialogue to the CBD SBSTTA 25, organised by CO-OP4CBD’s partner the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science on 2nd October. The Experts-Negotiators dialogue is taking place right before the Working Party on International Environment Issues on 3rd October, where European parties will discuss the European position on the SBSTTA25 agenda items.

One or two experts from each thematic group are invited to the Dialogue to share the expert messages with the negotiators. The feedback from the negotiators will be included in the final versions of the technical briefs in time for SBSTTA 25.